7 Tips to organize the perfect (and cheap) Tennis Trip

1) Choose the tennis destination that you can reach in the easiest and cheapest way. It might be a good idea to check before leaving where the low cost airlines fly from your city. For example in next months there will be tournaments in many European towns connected by Ryanair, Easyjet and Vueling: Sofia, Budapest, Prague, Rome, Madrid, Nuremberg and so on….do you need other succulent names? 

2) There are also a lot of tennis tournaments which offers free admission to tennis fans. Of course we are not talking about Atp or Wta major events, but there are a lot of challenger and Itf tournaments that don’t provide for payment of a ticket at the entrance. Furthermore often the qualies of Atp/Wta events are visible for free. In this case you need to make your TennisTrip in weekend’s days. In this way probabily you won’t see Roger Federer fight against Nole Djokovic but pheraps you could attend to some good tennis matches with a possible rising star of the future.
3) Choose your hotel or apartment in a strategic position. The ideal position is between the tournament location and city center (or a main attraction/beautiful district). The best thing would be to have a metro station or bus/tram stop just a few steps from the hotel. In this way you will take taxis just when public transport is off in the night hours. Let’s study on Google maps…


4) Choose the Hotel which offers more services included in the price. The wifi must be always free in your rooms. The breakfast is better included but if it costs more than 6€/$ per person per night, take the room without it because you probably will save money having breakfast out. Try to book an hotel which offers the free shuttle service from/to the airport. This will let you to save a lot of money. Start your investigation always from Trivago. 

5) Often tennis locations offers onsite restaurants or bar where you can eat or drink something in the meantime you are waiting for the next match. This could be not the cheapest (and tastiest) solution! Check on TripAdvisor (or something similar) if in the neighborhoods there is something better. Pheraps you could loose a few shots of a match but you could find an interesting and tasty place where eat.

6) Try to combine the best possible way tennis matches with your touristic goals. We are not only tennis fans but travellers too! So if you are in a town where there is free entrance into an amazing museum on a given day of the week, don’t hesitate to leave the Tennis Arena  for some hours…. 

7) Money is not everything in the life. So it could be a wonderful experience to stay in the same hotel where tennis players sleep. To know what is the tournament official accommodation write on Google search name of the tournament followed by the magic word factsheet. You will have surprising informations. Probably this won’t be the cheapest accommodation in the city but…I would like to to give you tips to organize not only the cheapest TennisTrip…but the coolest too!!! 😉 

    Tips by G.D.L.

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