Me, tennis and travels – An interview to Alexandra Cadantu

Here again for a new interview to tennis players to investigate about what they think about their wonderful job and about the places that they discover by playing tennis. Today it’s my great honor to interview Alexandra Cadantu, a player that in her career has partecipated in all the most important tournaments of the world and that gave us very intersting answers about our favourite subjects: Tennis & Tourism.

Alexandra was born in Bucharest on 05/03/1990, she began to play tennis at 5 and got her first ranking point in 2005 at just 15 years. She won her first Itf tournament in 2006 in her birthplace, Bucharest. But is from 2010 that her career had a turning point. Infact in 2010 she won 5 ITF tournaments, the following year she entered for the 1st time in the Wta top-100 playing her first Wta main draw in Luxembourg and winning a 100k Itf in Biella. In 2012 she confirmed her ranking and reached her 1st Wta final in Monterey. The following was her best year with three Wta semifinals and a 2nd round in Wimbledon. With this results she obtained her best ranking at 59th position at the beginning of 2014.

But now the interview….

Hi Alexandra, how many years are you wandering the world to play tennis tournaments? 

I started to travel for different tournaments when i was very young, about 7 years old, with my parents inside my beautiful country Romania. My first trip outside the country was in Paris when i was 12 years old and since then i’m traveling every year to play.

Usually are you able to enjoy and visit the attractions of places where you play tournaments ? 

There are places i like to visit and it is important to have time. It usually depends on two reasons: playing very well and reaching the final stages of the tournament or lose preety fast. There are places where i have time to visit the local attractions or museums, but there are places where i saw only the hotel and the club and back to the airport.

What is the most beautiful place did you discover playing tennis? 

Melbourne Zoo. I love animals and you can see there koalas, kangaroos, little penguins, lemurs and all the species. It’s really fascinating.

Is there some city or place that you would suggest us absolutely to visit of your country?

If you come to Romania you can visit the gorgeous castles in Transilvania, or the magnific Danube Delta but one place will take your breath away… There is a lake on the top of the Fagaras Mountains. Balea Lac. And the road to get there is stunning! 

To travel is very expensive for a tennis player too. Do you use any particular trick to save money in booking flights and hotels?

I wish i could! 🙂 It’s very rare to have the possibility to buy tickets in advance so i never get to do that. Of course you can find cheap hotels or accomodation but often “cheap” comes with “surprises”. Anyway these days “safe” is more important!      

What are your next tournaments planned and your professional goals for 2017?

I will start my season in France playing 2 tournaments, one in Andrezieux Boutheon and one in Grenoble. My goal is to reach top 100 WTA this year!

That’s all! Thanks for your kindness Alexandra.

Thanks to you Gianluca.

Alexandra loves her Romania and she suggested us to visit a place that is not so much known from foreigners. And from the pictures I found on the web I have to say that she is right. Ladies and gentlemen the stunning Balea Lake

Balea Lake is a glacier lake situated at 2,034 meters of altitude in the Fagaras Mountains, in central area of Romania. The main reason for people to visit it, especially in summer, is the great landscape surrounding this area and the amazing road to this touristic attraction.

To arrive to Balea Lake the nearest airport is Sibiu Airport, 77 kilometers away from Balea Lac. Other airports that either offer national and international connections are situated in Targu Mures City (175 km), Cluj Napoca city (241 km) and Bucharest (300 km). The easiest way to reach Balea Lake is by car. If you arrive in the country by plane you can rent one.

You find more info on Balea Lac Official Tourism Site. Just on Balea Lake there is the first ice hotel of Eastern Europe, the incredible Balea Ice Hotel.

Look here for other accommodations in Balea Lac neighborhoods.
See you soon guys!!!

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