Me, tennis and travels – An interview to Gianluca Mager

Today we have the possibility to know Gianluca Mager, a very intersting italian young player, who, as usual in our interview, will talk us about his continued moving around the world to play tennis tournaments looking for Atp points.

Gianluca was born on 12/01/1994, he started play tennis at 7 and became a professional tennis player in 2010 when he played his first qualies in San Remo Challenger. He gained his first points in 2013 when he closed at 942nd position of Atp ranking. From that year he has constantly improved his ranking and reaching his best on last September at 290. Infact during the last months he obtained some good results with quarterfinals in three challenger tournaments (Casablanca, Genova and San Benedetto) and defeating top 100 players like Jan Lennard Struff, Teymuraz Gabashvili and Damir Dzumhur.

But now the interview…


Gianluca, how many years are you wandering the world to play tennis tournaments ? 

 I am now traveling and playing the circuit for 4 years.

Are you able to enjoy and visit the places where you play tournaments ? 

It’s really difficult to go around for tourism during a tournament, especially because you spend a lot of energies for matches and so you cannot find the strenght to go to visit the city unless, once you’ve finished the tournament, you don’t have a couple of days before leaving again. In that case you can relax and you can be a tourist.

What is the most beautiful place did you discover playing tennis?

For me Dublin is a very beautiful town. But i think that there are many amazing places and cities in the world….

What is the most beautiful place of your country that you would suggest us to visit? 

I like very much Rome, for me it’s the most beuatiful town. I would suggest anyone to play a tournament in Rome and after to stay a couple of days to visit the town.

To travel is very expensive for a tennis player too. Do you use any particular trick to save money in booking flights and hotels?

You are right. To travel is very expensive. But in some tournaments which offer hospitality you can save money. And however you can always find the best solutions for you. 

I see. And last question…what are your professional goals for 2017 and your tennis dream?

I didn’t fix any particular goal for next season. Instead my dream is to play on Wimbledon’s centre court.

It would be great! Many thanks Gianluca.

Thanks to you.

Gianluca thinks that one of the most intersting places he discovered playing tennis is Dublin. And he’s right because Dublin is destination which should be visited by anyone.



Visit Dublin Official Site

All accomodations in Dublin


See you soon guys!!!

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