Me, tennis and travels – An interview to Nadia Podoroska

This week we have the possibility to make you know (after Jessica Pieri) another young talented girl of ’97 generation.We are talking about argentine player (with ukrainian origins) Nadia Podoroska who, despite young age, has already debuted for her country in the Federation Cup.

Nadia was born in Rosario on 02/10/1997, began to play tennis at 5 year’s old and gained her first ranking point in 2012 when she was just 15 years old. She won her first pro tennis tournament during 2013 in Santiago and from that moment she improved constantly her Wta ranking until 336th position of the end of 2015. But it’s in the current year that she got her best results, before going on to win her first 25k Itf tournament in Denain (France), then qualifying for the main draw of US Open after beating Donna Vekic in the decisive round of qualies. With this result she achieved her best ranking ar 200th place of world rankings.

But now the interview…


Hi Nadia, how many years are you wandering the world to play tennis tournaments ? 

I started to travel around the world since I was 14. So 5 years travelling.

Usually are you able to enjoy and visit the attractions of places where you play tournaments ? 

Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. I prefer to be focused on the tournament until it finishes. Of course, when I am in a very famous city like Paris or New York, I try to see the most famous places.

What is the most beautiful place did you discover playing tennis?

I went to Bol, Croatia, in 2014 and it was a very nice place. It has one of the most beautiful beach that i had ever saw. Also, i really like the small cities in countries like Italy or France. They are very nice to know about the culture and typical customs. 

Is there some city or place that you would suggest us absolutely to visit of your beautiful country?

I didn’t travel too much in my country because we don’t have a lot of tournaments here. But it’s a really nice country for sightseeing. It is a country with a great diversity. We have mountains, lakes and glaciers in the south, and waterfalls in the north. We also have some good beaches.

To travel is very expensive for a tennis player too. Do you use any particular trick to save money in booking flights and hotels?

Not really. I booked the hotels by Booking and flights by Skyscanner. Trying to figure out the better one.

What are your next tournaments planned and your professional goals for future?

I will play two WTA in Hong Kong and Moscow! So i will try to know more about this cities and places to visit! 

Wow Nadia! Good luck for next tournaments and thank you for your kindness.

Thanks to you Gianluca.


Nadia told us how many natural beauties there are in her fantastic country. Among these there is a natural attraction that I visited and that for me is one of the most incredible natural wonder that you can see on our planet. I’m talking about Iguazù Falls which are located at the northern border between Argentina and Brazil. To visit Garganta del Diablo is an experience that everyone should do once in a lifetime.






See you soon guys!!!

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