Me, tennis and travels – An interview to Jan Satral 

Today we did an exclusive interview with Jan Satral. The questions as usual were focused on our favourite topic: tennis & tourism. Today is also a very special day for Jan who, just some minutes ago, in the early afternoon, has won his 2nd challenger tournament of year and career in Rome Bfd Challenger defeating 6-3 6-2 top 100 (former 33) dutch player Robin Haase.

Jan Satral was born in Melník (Czech Republic) on 07/24/1990, started playing tennis at 5 and gained his first point in 2008. It was just in 2011 that he won his first professional tournament in Slovakia (Future F1). But is in 2015 that his career had a significant improvement with a constant attendance of Challenger circuit and many matches won which took him at 222nd place of Atp Ranking. During this 2016 he got his best results by winning his first challenger event in Marbourg, winning his first Grand Slam match at Us Open (defeated at 2nd round by Gael Monfils) and reaching his best ranking at 169th on last Monday. But, of course, thanks to today’s victory from tomorrow he will gain another new best ranking probabily at 135th position.

But now the interview…

Jan, how many years are you wandering the world to play tennis tournaments ? 

I started when I was playing tournaments U 14.. But usually I was traveling just in Europe. Since I’m playing on pro tour I’m travelling all the world. So I think i’m travelling more than 10 years now..

Are you able to enjoy and visit the places where you play tournaments ? 

Of course we are able to visit some places when we are at the tournaments. But I better relaxing then having some sightseeing. I’m happy when I have a day off on the tournament and don’t have to play a match, but I also already visited some nice places.

What is the most beautiful place did you discover playing tennis? 
I really loved Melbourne and New York. These two cities I think I like the most. And I also enjoyed Bangkok.

You are from Czech Republic a country known especially for wonderful Prague. Is there some other city or place that you would suggest us absolutely to visit of your country?

Yeah, Prague is really awesome city, I really recomend to everyone to visit it someday. I still enjoying when I walk Prague with my girlfriend, even we live there. But there are more nice cities in Czech, Karlovy Vary is a nice city with cute streets, Cesky Krumlov is a nice city with its historic old town. And many more cities.

In your career you played in many different countries. Is there one of these countries where you would like to live?

No, for sure not. There are a lot of countries I really like to play tournament and stay some weeks, but I can’t imagine to live in other country then Czech.

What are your next tournaments planned and your professional goals for future?

I will play Moscow and Vienna ATP qualies and Bratislava challenger. On January i will go to Australia. I’m not giving some goals to myself, I just want to enjoy it and have a fun. If it goes this way, I’m playing my best tennis and I can play against top players.

Thanks a lot, Jan.

Thanks to you.

During this interview Jan suggested to visit not only faboulous Prague but also other towns of Czech Republic and among these i would like to put in evidence in particular Cesky Krumlov, an Unesco World Heritage destination that in recent years has been visited by an increasing number of tourists. Far about 160 km from Prague, this town is easily accessible by car or bus.

If you want to know much more about this little town check these useful links:




See you soon guys!!!!

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