Me, tennis and travels – An interview to Yannick Maden

Here again for a new interview to understand what tennis players think  about a so particular style of life and, especially, about their continued moving around the world to play tennis tournaments looking for Atp points. This week we addressed our questions to the German tennis player Yannick Maden.


Yannick was born in Stuttgart on 10/28/1989 and, after getting his first atp point in summer 2007 , decided to dedicate full time to studies in USA. So his professional tennis career truly began only in 2013 and immediately with some good results which take him, at the end of 2014, to 442nd position in Atp ranking. In 2016 he obtained his best results winning 3 ITF single titles and reaching his best ranking at 314th position. But now the interview…

Yannick, how many years are you wandering the world to play tennis tournaments ? 

I finished my college career in the United States in May 2013. I started playing on the tour in June 2013 then. I took half a year off last year due to physical issues but other than that I travelled to different tournaments across the world.

Are you able to enjoy and visit the places where you play tournaments ? 

I’m not a big fan of sight seeing but I do get to enjoy the different places. The food and people are different. Its small differences that you get to experience.

What is the most beautiful place did you discover playing tennis? 

I really enjoyed the trip to Sunrise, Florida. The place was beautiful, many things to do, great restaurants and weather. It’s close to Miami where we got to go as well back then which was very cool.

You are from Germany, in the heart of Old Europe. Is there some city or place that you would suggest us absolutely to visit? 

I’m from Stuttgart, Germany, and I love my city. So I can only recommend it.

In your career you played in last months in many different countries. Is there one of these countries where you would like to live?

I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else than where I’m from due to my friends and family, but I did really enjoy my time in the United States. I studied in Clemson, SC, and it was like home to me.

What are your next tournaments planned and your professional goals for future?

I will be playing two tournaments in sardegna, Italy, and after that I will go indoors. I haven’t decided yet where I will end up going to. I’m working towards being able to play in the grand slams which is my short-term goal.

Many thanks for this interview and good luck for your next tournaments.

Thanks to you.


Yannick told that his born town is a special place so if you want to know more about Stuttgart take a look at these useful links:






See you soon guys!!!



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