Me, tennis and travels – An interview to Chanel Simmonds

This is article is a new episode of the rubric which allow us to know from inside what tennis players think about their style of life and especially about their continued moving around the world. Today we have the honor to interview Chanel Simmonds, a very intersting player who comes from the wonderful South Africa, a travel destination well known all over the world for its natural beauties.

Chanel Simmonds was born in Kempton Park on 1o/08/1992, began to play tennis at 5 and turned pro in 2009. She has won in her career already 15 ITF tournaments, reaching her best in May 2013 when she climbed at 158th position of Wta ranking. on August 2013 she debuted in her 1st Grand Slam tournament at Us Open after beating Taylor Townsend in last qualification round.

But now the interview…

Chanel, how many years are you wandering the world to play tennis tournaments ? 

I turned pro in 2009. But I was already traveling a little bit when I was a junior in 2007 and 2008.

Are you able to enjoy and visit the places where you play tournaments ? 

It depends on my schedule, if I’m doing well in a tournament then everyday I’m playing my match and then resting for my next match the following day. Sometimes if I lose early in the tournament and I have a few days before I leave then I try and see some things in the area. It also depends on costs because my expenses are very high when I’m traveling every week. When I was in Egypt I was able to see the pyramids. In London I went on the London eye and saw Big Ben. In New York I was able to go through Times Square.In Las Vegas I had been to the strip.

What is the most beautiful place did you discover playing tennis? 

I don’t often play in Europe but when I was in Germany for some club matches, there were many old buildings and artifacts. You could tell there is a lot of history in the buildings and areas.

You are from South Africa a fantastic country known universally for its natural beauties. Is there some city or place that you would suggest us absolutely to visit? 

Of all the places I would say Cape Town. There are pretty views and green areas with the wine farms. Table mountain and the beaches are also amazing.

You played in last months in many different cities of Usa, Australia but also of Netherlands and Greece. Is there one of these countries where you would like to live?

I really enjoy playing in USA and I eventually want to live and work there. The other countries have been to are also nice in their own way. 

What are your next tournaments planned and your professional goals for future?

I am currently playing in USA and I’ll be here until the end of November.
My highest ranking was 158 and I have dropped to 400. So I’m trying my best to get it back up again by playing the bigger tournaments here in USA.

Many thanks for this beautiful interview and good luck for your career.

Thanks to you.

If you want to know much more about suggested town of Cape Town look to these useful links:




See you soon guys!!!

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