Me, tennis & travels – An interview to Ioana Pietroiu

With this page today we’ll start a new very intersting rubric which will allow us to know from inside what tennis players think about their style of life and especially about their continued moving around the world.

Today we thank the young rumenian tennis player Ioana Pietroiu who answered us a few questions about her relationship with travels.

Ioana is a very intersting left handed player born in Buzau (Romania) on 17 February 1998 and who will attempt to continue the great tradition of romanian tennis movement in which today Simona Halep is the most shining star. Ioana played her first professional tournament already in 2012 but it’s only in the current year that she began to play Itf tournaments with continuity. The good results are immediately arrived, with 3 finals in the last months and 1 won tournament in Sharm El Sheikh just one week ago. These results will take her to 563th position of Wta ranking on next Monday with great possibilities of further improvements by the end of the year (infact today she will play another semifinal in Sharm El Sheikh).

But now the interview…

Ioana, how many years are you wandering the world to play tennis tournaments ?

I started playing international tournaments when i was around 13.

Are you able to enjoy and visit the places where you play tournaments ? 

Not that much, usually maybe I get to sightsee for a day or so.

What is the most beautiful place did you discover playing tennis? 

I went to a lot of great places because of tennis but probably one of the nicest was Nice and the south of France.

What is the most beautiful place of your country that you would suggest us to visit? 

Romania has so many beautiful places, like Transylvania and Bucovina.

You played your last tournaments in Sharm El Sheikh. Would you like to live there?

No, definitely not. It’s way too hot here 🙂

Many thanks Ioana and good luck for today semifinal and for your career!

If you want to know much more about Bucovina favourite region look to these useful links:




See you soon guys!!!

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