Last Second Tip – Why don’t you go to see Tsitsipas Semifinalist in Kramsach?

Are you pheraps in Austria? Are you pheraps in Tyrol ? Are you not so far from Kramsach? So, if you can easily get in this lovely little town on the Brandenberg Alps in Tyrol, why not think about making a relaxing weekend of nature? Kramsach is famous for its natural trails and for Museum of Tyrolean Farmsteads where you can enjoy a pleasant walk in the nature and at the same time visit the typical Tyrolean houses.


But, as you know, I couldn’t report a place without a reason connected to tennis. In fact an ITF tournament  (10,000 USD prize money) is taking place on clay courts of TC Sparkasse, and tomorrow there will be a tennis player engaged in the semifinals, who, according to experts, will be, in the coming years, at the top of ATP world ranking. His name is Stefanos Tsitsipas, a very young tennis player born in Athens on 12th August 1998, number one in ITF junior ranking and 360th in ATP world ranking. Many fans think that he could be the new “Pete Sampras” and not only for its greek origins but for his explosive service and style of play too! Just one week ago he has been finalist in Junior Wimbledon Tournament but he has been mostly able to win already 3 pro ITF events in the first part of 2016.


If you would like to accomodate in Kramsach on this weekend, the best solution is Hotel Jagdhof, just a short walk from TC Sparkasse. The double room rate is 79€ with breakfast, free wi-fi and parking included.

These are the distances between Kramsach and the most important towns in Austria:

Kitzbühel 47 km

Innsbruck 47,4 km

Salzburg 143 km

Linz 269 km

Graz 415 km

Wien 433 km

If you want to arrive by Airport the cheapest flights are the one which land in Munich Internation Airport, far just 159 km and about 2h distance by car.






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